Why Kenya ?

One of the new 7 best emerging markets

Over the last past 15 years, GDP increased in Kenya by more than 440% (2016 versus 2001, current USD). Thanks to this growth miracle, Kenya is the largest economy in the East Africa Community. This robust and sustainable growth made Kenya the second most attractive FDI destination in Africa (World Bank, 2016 ranking). PwC ranked the capital city of Kenya (Nairobi) as the most attractive African city for FDI (2015).
EAC country in terms of Gross Domestic Product
Source : World Bank (2017)

A low-risk investment environment

Kenya enjoys a stable macroeconomic environment. The government operates sound macroeconomic policies that promote growth by providing a more secure environment for private sector investment decisions.

A relatively stable US dollar/Kenyan shilling exchange rate
Source : Central Bank of Kenya (APRIL 2019)

A business-friendly environment

Kenya’s favourable business environment has allowed many companies to reduce operation costs and thus growing their profit margin. By imposing low taxes on labor, the Kenyan government promotes labor-intensive industries.
Sub-Saharan African country in terms of Ease of doing business
Source : World Bank (2018)

Relatively well established infrastructures

Kenya has relatively well developed physical infrastructural facilities including a modern deep sea port at Mombasa capable of handling bulk and other containerized cargo, four international airports, an extensive road and railway network, an expanding, liberalized energy sector and digital telecommunication networks. The French business school INSEAD ranked Kenya as the sixth most ``Internet-ready`` country in Africa (2015).
best Sub-saharan African country in Logistics
Source : World Bank (2018)

A fast growing domestic market

Kenya’s strong growth prospects are supported by an emerging middle class and an increasing appetite for high-value good and services.

Household final consumption per capita
(in USD)
Source : World Bank (2017)

A dynamic agro-processing sector

Kenyan production is increasingly sold abroad. The agro-processing sector continues to grow at almost 5% annually. Opportunities in the agri-business sector are huge, Kenya already attracts 20% of total FDI to the region.

Exports of food and beverages (Kenyan shilling billion)
Source : Kenya National Bureau of Statistics

The top manufacturer in East Africa

The Kenyan manufacturing industry is the third manufacturing industry in Sub-Saharan Africa. Growth in the manufacturing sector continues to be particularly strong and robust: the value added increased by 3.5% in 2015 and 2016.
First manufacturer in East Africa
Source : World Bank (2017)

A world-class agricultural sector

The productivity of the agricultural sector in Kenya is the second highest productivity in continental East Africa. Kenya is the third largest tea exporter globally and the largest exporter of horticulture with East Africa. 70% of Kenyans exports have an agricultural focus and the sector employs 85% of the rural workforce.

Value added per worker (USD) in the agricultural sector
Source : World Bank

Target sectors


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